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Easy to hire skip bins online or by phone. Our customers benefit by saving time driving to and from transfer stations. Skip bins available in large sizes, 4m3, 6m3, 8m3, 12m3 and 15m3. We always strive to exceed our customer's expectations.

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An excellent advantage offered by our skip bins is that they are easily accessible by wheelbarrow or trolley, no need to lift heavy items over the side of the bin. Also, our large skips can take heavy mixed waste of various types.

Environmentally Friendly

Up to 80% of waste will be reused or recycled. These recyclables include concrete, timber, green waste, soils, sands, and metals.

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We are very competitive with our prices in the Brisbane region. Up to 7 days hire included in all online quotes. Use the online quote tool for your bin price today!

Skip Bin Sizes for Hire in Brisbane Northside

If you are thinking of hiring a skip bin to help you get rid of unwanted waste, then you are about to make the best choice. With a wide range of skip bin sizes that Bbins offers, hiring one is an effective and convenient way to remove piles of trash.

Whether you are looking for green waste skip bins, clearing out a garage, landscaping, or carrying out spring cleaning, our wide selection of skip bin sizes can assist with all your rubbish removal service requirements.

Look over the bins available for rental and find out what size can meet the needs and requirements of your project.


3 Cubic Metre Skip Bin

As one of the most effective green waste skip bins, you can clean out your house, your shop, or your yard with our 3m³ skip bin. Typically, it can carry three standard car trailer loads of waste. This equates to approximately 4.5 tonnes of waste materials, including mixed building waste, general waste, and green waste.

While this size can hold a lot of waste, other items cannot be placed in the bin, such as fire extinguishers, liquids, paints, and food. Some items also incur an extra charge if disposed of, such as mattresses and tyres unattached to a rim.

Bin-Size Access Dimensions Pictures
4m3 Drop Down Door - Walk In 4m bin design skip bin size 4m

4 Cubic Metre Skip Bin

For household cleanup and rubbish removal, the 4m³ skip bin is the most ideal size. It can carry around four trailers of waste, helping you clean out your garage and throw out unwanted waste materials.

If you have contractors remodelled your rooms and spaces, skip bins can help them get the job done quickly. They can use the bin in disposing of renovation rubbish, such as discarded concrete, electrical waste, bricks, nails, wood, rocks, and rubble.

You can take advantage of this service, including the delivery and pickup for only $350.

Bin-Size Access Dimensions Pictures
6m3 Drop Down Door - Walk In skip bin size 6m 6m3 bin

6 Cubic Metre Skip Bin

Putting though bigger renovation projects? The 6m³ skip bin is most suitable to help you. You can put old kitchen counters, cabinetry, torn down walls, and other household waste in this skip bin. You can also place construction waste, including concrete, wood, insulation, electrical waste, bricks, and nails.

When properly and carefully loaded, our skip bin can carry six trailers of rubbish. The drop-down walk-in door makes it easier for you to load heavier waste materials. For as low as $520, you can already dispose of multiple piles of trash.

Bin-Size Access Dimensions Pictures
8m3 Drop Down Door - Walk In 8m bin skip bin size 8m

8 Cubic Metre Skip Bin

If you are building a new home or throwing away a large amount of waste, Bbins’ 8m³ skip bin will solve your problem. You may also find this size of skip bin useful when you are recreating your lawn and expecting to produce a massive amount of green waste. When you are cleaning a big garden, cut the branches into smaller pieces so you place more inside the bin.

On average, the 8m³ can hold up to eight trailers of rubbish, offering you eight times the space and eight times the convenience. It also comes with a drop-down walk-in door, offering wheelbarrow access for you to dispose of all your waste.

At $625, you can deal with all items too bulky for you to carry easily. Whether you are working on a residential or commercial project, this size is perfect for you.

Bin-Size Access Dimensions Pictures
12m3 Single Swing Door - Walk In skip bin size 12m skip bin prices

12 Cubic Metre Skip Bin

Of all the skip bin sizes available for hire, this is the one that will help you handle waste on an enormous scale. If you are searching for means of managing large-scale waste as efficient and convenient as possible, look no further than our 12m³ skip bin. This bin is designed to make your deep cleaning a breeze.

As the largest bin size, this skip bin size is designed for some jobs, including residential and commercial constructions sites, renovations, factory cleanouts, and deceased estate cleanouts. It can carry twelve standard car trailer loads of rubbish, which means it can accommodate some of the largest waste you have generated.

As is the case with our largest bin, the drop-down walk-in door allows wheelbarrow access that will help you lift and load heavier items.

Choosing the Right Skip Bin Size

One of the most crucial steps you need to take to find the ideal skip bin for your project is to look for the right size. To estimate your skip bin sizes, you must understand that there can be a variety of different types of rubbish you’ll have to deal with during a cleanup. That’s why Bbins offers different sizes of skip bins to suit different amounts of waste.

Rubbish removal has never been easier with a versatile range of skip bin sizes. With skip bin prices inclusive of delivery and pickup, you don’t have to look for other service providers. At Bbins, you can find and choose a skip bin that is suitable for any rubbish removal requirements.

Contact us today and benefit from our reliable skip bin hire. Head on to our website to get more tips in hiring skip bins.

Check out the types of accepted waste, green waste skip bins, and other cheap rubbish removal.

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