We’ve put together a list of the best waste and recycling centres near Chermside 4032 so you don’t have to hunt around. These centres can be great for recycling small amounts of rubbish however if you have a large amount, or if you just want a more convenient solution be sure to check out our same-day skip bin hire to Chermside.

Containers for Change Chermside – TOMRA

TOMRA operate a reverse vending machine on Kittyhawk Drive, Chermside. It is located outside the green carpark, adjacent to Kittyhawk Drive.

The are 4 recycling machines available that accept glass, plastic bottles and cans.

The machines can return up to 100 containers per minute and you can claim a retail cash voucher, bank transfer or Paypal digital payout with the money you earn from recycling. Charity donations via Containers for Change Scheme ID barcode is also possible.

Onsite parking is available.

Address: Kittyhawk Dr, Chermside QLD 4032
Opening Hours: Monday to Saturday 7am – 9pm, Sunday 9am – 6pm.
Phone: 1300 118 888
Website: https://mytomra.com.au/qld-locations/chermside-rvm/


ReCollect is a service that lets you get paid to save the planet. Download their app and book a pickup for your home, unit, or business. They’ll pick up your recycling, count it and direct deposit you the refund.

They collect bottles and can donations and you can use the service for fundraising or for donating to charity. They even keep track of tax receipts and provide free promotional media for your school, church, club or charity.

Zachary Tan noted “If it weren’t for this service I wouldn’t have the time to return it. Had an easy sign-up process and automated reminders the night before and had my money in the account in a few days. Highly recommend.”

Address: 46 Millway St, Kedron QLD 4031
Opening Hours: Monday to Sunday: 8am – 4pm
Phone: (02) 9137 6188
Website: https://re-collect.com.au/locations/containers-for-change-brisbane

Kingfisher Recycling Centre

Kingfisher Recycling Centre supports the Aspley Special School. Recycling old TV’s, fridges, computers, and electronical equipment. They also sell old computer harddrives, memory, video cards and donated TV’s. Any money raised is donated directly to Aspley Special School.

The Centre allows for Aspley Special School students to engage in recycling-related skills training, including e-waste processing, can crushing, glass sorting, lid removal, stamp recovery, tree planting and mulching. All students regardless of their ability are involved.

The Centre accepts computers, laptops, TVs, cans, steel, stamps, envelopes, glass bottles and jars, whitegoods, hot water systems, and car batteries.

Please note the centre doesn’t accept any packaging materials or cardboard.

Address: 25 Dorville Rd, Aspley QLD 4034
Opening Hours: Monday to Friday 8am – 3pm
Phone: (07) 3863 7790
Website: https://aspleyspecs.eq.edu.au/facilities/kingfisher-recycling-centre

TOMRA Recycling Centre – Containers for Change Geebung

9 recycling machines are available at the TOMRA Recycling Centre – Containers for Change Geebung

The centre provides a 3 minute drop and go services for 50+ containers. There is no need to pre-sort cans or bottles and you get your refund within 1 business day.

You can claim your earnings as retail cash vouchers, bank transfer, or charity donation.

There is a small stool available so kids can help out with placing the bottles/cans in the machines.

Easy parking and friendly staff are also available.

Wine and spirit bottles are not accepted.

Address: 1A/428 Bilsen Rd, Geebung QLD 4034
Opening Hours: Monday to Sunday: 7am to 5:00pm
Phone: 1300 11 88 88
Website: https://mytomra.com.au/qld-locations/geebung/

Nudgee Resource Recovery Centre, Nudgee Beach

The Nudgee Resource Recovery Centre is the nearest tip to Chermside which is operated by Brisbane City Council. It is open every day from 6.30am to 5.45pm. Brisbane Treasure Trove items can be donated at this centre.

If your vehicle is less than 4.5 tonnes, you can utilise the Nudgee Resource Recovery Centre for free.

Accepted recycling items include cans, household batteries, cardboard, paper, clean polystyrene (up to five cubic metres), electronic waste, empty gas bottles, fire extinguishers, fluorescent lighting tubes and bulbs, glass bottles and jars, halogen light bulbs, hard plastics, metals, oil, paint, whitegoods.

Address: 1402 Nudgee Rd, Nudgee QLD 4014
Opening Hours: Monday to Sunday 6:30am – 5:45pm
Phone: (07) 3403 8888
Website: https://www.brisbane.qld.gov.au/clean-and-green/rubbish-tips-and-bins/waste-and-recycling-facilities/resource-recovery-centres

That completes our list of the nearest Waste and Recycling Centres for Chermside Queensland. If you have any questions about the easiest way to dispose of your rubbish please don’t hesitate to give the friendly staff at BBins a call today, we’d be happy to help.

Important Note about Green Waste

Brisbane City Council waste vouchers or fees apply to dispose of green waste to be recycled. Green waste material comes from the garden. Items include branches, palm fronds, weeds, tree and shrub prunings, loose bark and grass clippings. The Council does offer free green waste recycling drop-off weekends to help residents clean up their gardens.